Wedding Accessories

We now offer you different selections of elegant bangles in beautiful patterns, arranged in three beautiful sets. Each set comes in it's own beautiful glass box. Golden edges, and with black and gold colored motifs, this exclusive box enhances the beauty of the gift.
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*Bugle* Horn Brass
*Bugle* Horn Brass

The latest European rage at a definitely desi price!
*Bugle* Horn Brass are ancient instruments. They have even been found in the tomb of King Tut in Egypt, proving that they could be 3,500 years old! The modern orchestral trumpet, however, is not nearly so old, and could even be considered young.

During the late portion of the 18th century, an instrument in common use was the *Bugle* Horn Brass. It was much like the modern orchestral trumpet, but it had no valves. These Bugle Horns are a must for every wedding.

WED05051Regular Price: US $19.99Our Price: US $15.00

dufliThe dafli, also popularly known as daf, dappler or tambourine, is a must for weddings. Made of wooden ring with a double row of bells and a playing surface with a 10" diameter, our dafli is a perfect accompaniment to the dholki. The pleasant sound of the dafli will elevate the tempo and mood of all celebrations.
Easy to play with no beforehand practice required - with these daflis anyone can add to the music played in weddings and other celebrations.

MUS00601Regular Price: US $22.00Our Price: US $15.00

dhoolThe finest dholkis to add to your wedding celebrations and all kinds of festivities.
These are not your old fashioned dholkis. No more struggling with rings and strings to get the right sound. Made of sturdy wood, they come with their own spanners so that you can tighten or loosen the metal bolts, changing the tension in the stretched goat skin on the ends to obtain the desired note. Each "thaap" of the dholki is perfect, each note inviting. An essential part of weddings- no celebration is complete without it.

MUS00600Regular Price: US $180.00Our Price: US $130.00
Silk Dopattah
Available for US & Canada delivery only

These handmade tied-and-dyed silk dopattahs offer quality and style at reasonable prices. Our silk is the best available and the dyeing is done by artisans with years of experience in this art. Each and every piece is inspected by our designers. Choose your own color. Do keep in mind that, as these are all handmade, some differences in the design or pattern will occur.

WED05009Regular Price: US $15.00Our Price: US $12.00
Chunri Dopattah
Available for US & Canada delivery only
Length: 3 yards, Width: 1 1/4 yards
Our fine silk chunri dopattahs bring back an age old dyeing art. At weddings give them to the young men of the wedding party to use as scarves or tie around their heads, turban style. Let the "dolha ki behnain" all wear similar dopattahs or tie them around their wiast while doing the "luddi". Wrap wedding jora in it. Other than completing a shalwar kameez ensemble, drape these over winter coats or jackets as a scarf to jazz up the dull winter months.The colors and styles offer endless possibilities.

WED05011Regular Price: US $40.00Our Price: US $30.00
Black Batwa
Available for US & Canada delivery only
The latest European rage at a definitely desi price!
This chic hand embroidered black velvet handbag is a must for any wardrobe. The traditional gold dabka motifs and the modern evening bag look, offer a perfect mix of the old and the new. Small enough to be elegant and large enough to hold a few "essentials", this is the perfect accessory for any outfit. Be it fancy wedding apparel or elegant evening wear, this handbag will add just the right touch of style and sophistication to any occasion. This is not simply a batwa. It is a work of art!

WED05002Regular Price: US $16.00Our Price: US $11.50
Golden Batwa (Set of 10)
Made out of a dull gold wedding "tissue", these batwas lend a touch of elegance to weddings. Fill with sweets and attach a sprig of flowers to have the perfect wedding favor. Why bother with messy bubble bottles and ordinary favors at weddings when you can have the the real thing. Extremely reasonably priced, these are a must at all wedding celebrations.

WED05006Regular Price: US $28.00Our Price: US $19.50
Batwa Mix (Set of 10)
Batwaa Mix
Ideal to be given away at large gatherings, these cute batwas are extremely economical. Made of satin with gota work, this set of 10 offers a rainbow of colors. Ideal as party favors.

WED05001Regular Price: US $25.00Our Price: US $11.50