Track Title
Volume 1
Track 1 Khushi Aaee (Ali Haider)
Track 2 Achhe Banne Mehndi (Bilqees Khanum)
Track 3 Mehndi Kee Raat (Naseema Shaheen)
Track 4 Lao Mehndi Lao (Naseema Shaheen)
Track 5 Peesori Sakhi (Rehana Anjum)
Track 6 Mehndi Nee Mehndi (Musarrat Nazir)
Track 7 Mehndi Se Likh Do (Tahira Syed)
Track 8 Mehndi Taan Sajdi (Musarrat Nazir)
Track 9 Mehndi (String Fellows)
Track 10 Raja Ki Aaye Gee (Trple S.Sister)
Track 11 Dhol Waja Ke (Musarrat Nazir)
Track 12 Muddat Se Yehi (Najam Ara)
Track 13 Yeh Shaam (Vital Signs)
Volume 2
Track 1 Jeewe Banrra Umran (Musarrat Nazir)
Track 2 Banna Mera Eid Ka (Najam Ara/Chorus)
Track 3 Chaandni Mein Aaiyo (Shamim Bano/Chorus)
Track 4 Yeh Hain Achhe Dulha (Naseema Shaheen)
Track 5 Aaya Larriye Nee (Musarrat Nazir)
Track 6 Aj Lado Main Tera (Musarrat Nazir)
Track 7 Banne Jhuk Jhuk (Kajjan Begum/Chorus)
Track 8 Chitta Kukkarr Banere (Musarrat Nazir)
Track 9 Dulha Mian Ka Ham (Naseema Shaheen)
Track 10 Es Re Banne Ko (Kaukab Jehan/Chorus)
Track 11 Matthe Te Chamkan (Musarrat Nazir)
Track 12 Ek Pyar Bhari Duniya (Tanvir Afridi)
Track 13 Bhaiyya ko Bhabhi (Naseema Shaheen)
Track 14 Disco Bhabhi (Naseema Shaheen)
Volume 3
Track 1 Yeh Hari Hari (Asifa/Chorus)
Track 2 Saijon Pe Phooli (Shamim Bano/Chorus)
Track 3 Banno Hamari (Rehana Anjum/Chorus)
Track 4 London Kee Rehne (Naseema Shaheen)
Track 5 Dulha Walo (Naseema Shaheen)
Track 6 Gajra Bana Ke (Habib Wali Mohammad)
Track 7 Maar Chharrapa (Ali Haider)
Track 8 Gori Ke Sar Pe Saj (Akber Taimuri)
Track 9 Jake Susral Gori (Noor Jehan/Chorus)
Track 10 Sakhi Tu Chali (Nayyara Noor)
Track 11 Kahe Ko Biyahi (Kajan Begum)
Track 12 Sada Churriyan Da (Musarrat Nazir/Chorus)
Track 13 Chal Ree Dulhaniya (Habib Wali Mohammad)
Track 14 Ras Bhara Motiya (Shamim Bano/Chorus)
Track 15 Amma Mere Bawa Ko (Ishrat Jehan/Chorus)
Volume 4
Track 1 Achhe Banne Mehndi
Track 2 Mehndi
Track 3 Sat Rangiyan Charrhade
Track 4 Veer Mera Ghorri
Track 5 Sehra
Track 6 Sarota Kahan Bhool
Track 7 Sada Churriyan Da
Track 8 Kahe Ko Biyahi
Track 9 Jeewe Banrra Umra
Track 10 Chhaap Tilak Sab
Track 11 Shadmani O' Sahdmani
Track 12 Sun Sahiba Sun
Track 13 Aap Jaisa Koee
Track 14 Jhanjhar Dee Pawan
Track 15 Aj Dee Gharri
Track 16 Chhorr Babul Ka

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